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The Finished Roof Cresting!

We finally are sharing the finished roof cresting!

Roof Cresting Before

Hi Guys! It has been a while since I have had time to share an update with you! Big things are happening around these parts but that is another post for another day.

Do you remember this roof cresting? I get a little sad when I see these pictures…this amazing detail deserved so much better than this chippy purple paint. ┬áPete and George worked hard to bring this 130 year old detail back to life. Cresting Repair

It took much sanding to get all the old paint and rust off. This old galvanized metal had worn almost completely away. The guys had to replace the missing bits with new pieces. It worked really well!

Replaced humps

Since the original cresting was missing some of the humps we had a good (and talented) friend make these replacement parts. The only thing that we couldn’t remake were the rosettes. Ah well….

Cresting Primed

After tons of soldering and repairing and attaching we sealed the bottom side for water tightness and primed the whole thing. You can see the repairs when you are up close but when the cresting is on the roof you can’t tell at all!

Painted Cresting

We decided to go with black to match the color tones of the new roof. I think the whole neighborhood was happy to see this go back up!

Cresting On Roof

We are so happy to see this up on the new roof! The black looks amazing against the sky. The hard work that it took to keep the cresting was totally worth it!

Keep your eyes out for another blog post later this week. I will be sharing my BIG news! Yay!

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