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Big News! I am a Real Estate Agent!

I am so excited to finally share my big news with you! I got my real estate license!!!! I am now a real estate agent!

Cue hilarious picture….Geri's Business Photo

Haha! All joking aside though, I am really happy to have made this professional leap forward. As most of you know Peter and I are really passionate about houses. Actually, we are really passionate about HOME. We love that the sense of home creates so many amazing and positive feelings. Warmth, comfort, safety, love, health and happiness are the words that come to my mind when I talk about home. I can help other people find their perfect homes now. I get giddy thinking about it!

I Have joined the team at Carleton Realty here in Westerville, Ohio. I am very happy with this choice. Carleton Realty is a locally owned family business which is important to me. They have top-notch training and a super support system. I couldn’t be happier.

I am still VERY involved here at Larsen Dwellings, Inc. but now we have more services to offer you! If you know someone who needs a real estate agent’s help or even just advice on their building or home please don’t hesitate to call me! You can E-mail me at gerilyn.larsen@gmail.com or call my dedicated real estate phone at 614-975-2487.

Thanks for reading about my big news guys! YAY! HOMES!


  1. Jane White says:

    Congratulations Geri! So happy for you. I feel like you & Pete could be the Columbus version of Chip & Joanna from fixer upper! Go get ’em girl! (and that pic is great!)

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