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Geri & Pete Engagement-20 At Larsen Dwellings, Inc. we are passionate about residential architecture. Our interests lie in the intimate connection that we as human beings have with structures that we call home. From the juxtaposition between suburban sprawl, to urban revitalization, and rural living we see opportunities to uplift the zeitgeist through exploration of the forms in which we inhabit. The future is so bright! As house designers we believe it is important that evolution is continuous. Evolution of the city, town, village, and personal space. Evolution of the understanding of how we live in our homes. We must learn from the past and always seek constant revolution. There is a place and time for making statements in residential architecture. True architecture is all about expression. It is the designers and artists duty to be aware of the shapes and spaces we create. We see a house as a living organism that constantly changes with the environment and the families which reside in them. At Larsen Dwellings, Inc. we understand houses have unique styles, just as people have unique styles and tastes. These styles originate from early cultures in specific global locations, through the use of available materials and the ideas from architects and designers of the past. Style can also be innovated or invented. Individual human perception determines what style is cool, soothing to the eye, or abrupt. We see what space works and what does not, but it is wise to see beauty in all things created. Design is all about the human experience… and what a beautiful experience it is! At Larsen Dwellings, Inc. we aspire to become the most creative, precise, and trustworthy design build firm in residential architecture. We want to change the fabric of the urban, suburban, and rural micro environments on a very intimate level, by changing the way a house works for the people who live in it. Regardless of the style, shape, or location of a home we see the future as a functional space that makes us better as human beings. Our Mission is to design and build elegant and functional spaces using dynamic architectural features that inspire comfort and creativity. Find your Larsen dwelling… Call us today for a consultation! 614.352.5760

Peter T. Larsen

Peter Theisen Larsen

I was raised in a suburb in Worthington, Ohio. My first experiences in the world of architecture was the construction site next to my father’s office when I was three years old.  I remember the house addition my parents had constructed on our suburban house. They renovated the kitchen added a den/library, a sun room, and three-tiered deck to the rear of the house. Peter 1990 I had a good childhood, and realized how privileged I was, but I am an innate rebel… The problem was I did not fit in and was mad about it. I ended up switching schools several times before high school. I went to St. Francis DeSales High School, in Columbus, and was an average student and a loner. At sixteen years of age I started a laborer position at a housing development company, digging post holes for mail boxes, installing door hardware, weed whacking hillsides, picking up trash from the different trade workers, etc. That job lasted one summer. At that age I don’t think anyone really knows who they are supposed to be. The following year I had the opportunity to be on the framing crew on one of my good friend’s father’s house. All the money that I made was put away in the stock market. Beyond the residential construction experience, I learned that if you want to get anywhere in life you have to earn it. I wanted to be a structural engineer, because of my interest in construction. I also wanted to be a professional musician, an artist, a philosopher, and a follower of dreams. I was enrolled at The Ohio State University! I have always been good at math and sciences, but I hit a wall my sophomore year in math 410 analytical geometry. I understood the concepts but they went way too fast for me. I remember the day that I decided that I would switch majors and become an Architect. It was after math 410 class, I was sitting in a bench outside of Hitchcock Hall feeling like giving up, and a student came up to me with a list of survey questions about the newly finished Knowlton School of Architecture. He asked about my opinion of the undulating marble façade and the exposed concrete structure. It was difficult in my mind switching majors and having a lot of my engineering credits that did not apply the Architectural curriculum. Regardless I felt an immediate connection to the building. They allowed me to take a course in the summer with the 3+ students, who already had a professional degree in something else, in order to be accepted to the school. In this course I was told by an Architect, whom I admire very much, that my work was “ambiguous”. Not knowing very much about the language of architecture I rushed to look up the implications of this term. To this day I take it as a compliment! During my attendance of the Knowlton School I worked tediously on the invention of space, the experience of space, human interaction, and the individuals perception of space time. With the direction of some great professors I was able to realize that reality is only limited by the mind and the confines of the physical material world. Still to this day I contemplate the fine line between our natural and artificial environments. keiths 114 After graduation I worked as an independent contractor for a couple of architects, and private clients but I was not ready to get my masters degree and becoming a licensed architect… At the time my interest and passion is the intimate nature of the house and home. One of my respected mentors told me that I should start a design/build firm and get involved with the avant-garde. I hope to one day discuss architecture with the top minds. I decided that I would try to get hired in an entry-level position at a local architectural firm. It is really hard to get hired at the beginning of a recession when forty percent of architects lost their practices. They would interview but no one was hiring. I took on a couple of kitchen and bathroom remodel jobs to try to establish some income. My father had a client that started Residential Safety Services, Inc. which specialized in home modifications for aging in place and people with disabilities. We acquired the business with the idea to grow the company by creating quality solutions to adapt people’s homes into a functional living environment. What I have found is that a lot of house plans do not work the individuals and families that live in them. There are several factors attributed to functional issues. I believe that I can make a positive difference in the way we design and build our artificial environments . We changed the business name to Larsen Dwellings, Inc. to introduce new ways of thinking about residential architecture, building and remodeling spaces to their greatest potential.

I met Geri when I was 21 years old. There is an amazing thing that happens to us as humans when we find a partner that shares the same passions, but are different enough to keep you rooted. It took me a little time to realize what I had, and I am so happy that Geri stuck around to be my wife. Geri and I are embarking on this new venture together. We both have amazing ideas about space, art, and architecture. Our interest is in the revolution of architecture. I want to live the dream, and take the risks necessary for success while I am still young enough to make an impact. Peace, Peter T Larsen.

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Gerilyn Zoe Larsen

I am a lover of individual style and a fan of architecture. I am the eternal optimist. I grew up in Delaware, Ohio.

When I was young my parents were antique dealers. On the weekends we would travel around Ohio to sell at antique shows. This experience has shaped me in so many ways. I have an appreciation for the history of an object that shows age and wear. I am moved when something shows the touch of human hands. I was able to see how the quality of construction an item has affects the time that the piece lasts, causing me to disregard “disposable” objects. I love to travel and experiencing new places. Everywhere I go I hold something from that place in me always.

One of my earliest memories is being in an art museum. I can remember looking up at a painting and being transported to the scene depicted. My mother would always show me interesting paintings and architecture whenever we would travel, pointing out what made the styles different in various places. This has given me a lifelong love of architecture. I will always be an artist. I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere to record what I experience. There is nothing better to me than the feeling of a pen gliding across a sheet of good paper.

I believe in self-education. I read as much as I can about the things that interest me. I read everything from fantasy novels to art and architecture. I learn something new every single day, and that makes me happy. I love to research a topic, finding out as much as I can about it.  I like to apply what I have learned in the work that I do.

I worked in restaurants for a really long time. I have been a pastry cook, server and bartender. The skills that I have learned in my restaurant times have been invaluable. It was there that I learned the importance of time management, scheduling, purchasing, costing, and customer service. I learned how all of those things together created an amazing experience for the customer and how to use those skills in all areas of my life. This is why I am a list maker, an organizer and a communicator.

From restaurants I moved into a job at a large national craft store. I quickly moved up from a part-time seasonal employee to a full-time employee to managing the frame shop in the store. I loved designing the framing orders with the guests. I also loved to see all the different art that would come through the shop. It was very inspiring! While working in a corporate environment I learned a new set of skills and I improved the customer service skills that I already had. The most important skill that I learned was keeping a project on time and under budget.  It was an education to see how a business functioned on a corporate level and I use what I learned there every day.

I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to help people live in homes that they love. Helping others is one of the amazing ways that one can improve their own life. And that is pretty great.