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It’s Been Way Too Long…

It has been quite a while since I have shared any updates! It was WAYYYYYY back in November! Too long…. way too long. One of the reasons that I have not been updating as much was the holiday season. I swear it gets busier every year! Then I discovered the white screen of death due to a bad plug-in on the website. Luckily Peter is MUCH more computer savvy than me. He was able to fix it (three times). Third time was the charm!


Queen Anne Exterior FrontIt was mid-January when we hit our one-year anniversary with the Franklin House. Which is both scary and amazing to me.  Scary because we misjudged how much time this project would take. Amazing because we have done SO much to bring this house back to life.

We have had some major ups and downs in this project and we are preparing to do an extensive analysis to figure out what we did right and what went wrong. We know that framing and rebuilding the structure took way longer than anticipated, so much rotten wood… Also every aspect of the project took longer and cost more than we originally thought. But that same down is also an up, because it has been an amazing learning process. That kind of sums up this last year in nutshell…

We are getting closer and closer to the completion of the project. One of the biggest wins from this past year have been the friendships and acquaintances that we have made. That is definitely one of the biggest things that we will miss about this house, the neighbors! Everybody that we have met loves the Olde Towne East neighborhood. There is such a sense of community in this area! I hope that the new homeowners love these people and this area as much as we do!

Front With Siding


I have a TON of updates to share with you so keep your eye out for those. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and Peter posts all kinds of fun stuff on Instagram! We are Larsen Dwellings on all social media.

As always guys…THANK YOU!

Interview with Budget Dumpster!

Guys! We did a really fun interview with our friends over at Budget Dumpster. Go check it out hereRemoving Porch


We have been using Budget Dumpster since the start of this huge project and we can’t say enough nice things about their service! We ordered several dumpsters from them to contain everything from old plaster to the concrete porch. The customer service has been great. The delivery and pick-up drivers have been awesome. We really recommend this company! Columbus locals please find their page here!

We want to thank Budget Dumpster for featuring us on their blog!

We were in no way paid or compensated for this post. All opinions are our own.

Thoughts on Why We are Documenting the Process

P & G on Porch
The day that we closed on The Franklin House!

We have been working on this project for six months now. We have been documenting the process since day one. Actually since day negative sixty-three. So much has changed and improved at this house and in our business. There are several reasons why we find this documentation so important.

Porch Gone
The ugly porch is gone!

The first reason that we are documenting the process is that we want the future homeowner to see where this house came from and how it became a home. We think that if we were to buy a home like this that we would LOVE to see the changes that happened before we bought it. The story of the house is very important!

The second reason that we are documenting the process is that we think that this change is great for this growing neighborhood! We love Olde Towne East. We think that it is really exciting to watch a historic neighborhood change and evolve.  We hope to inspire others to renovate homes in the area therefore preserving the history of Columbus.  We really love our city.

Polka Dot Wall
Pete with the surprise polka dot wall!

The third reason we are documenting the process is that we know that this will help us grow our business. We can assess where we did well and where we can improve for the next project that we work on. We are a very small business and we get super excited about residential architecture. Like all young business owners we make mistakes and we want to learn from them. We need to build this venture so that we save other sad, neglected homes. We love it!